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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Carrying Forward the Responsibility of “Chinese Hospitality”: Serving China, Serving the World

Mr. Duan Qiang, Chairman of BTG

BTG is China’s leading travel service company with comprehensive strength. Since its founding in 1998, the hard power of the group has been building up all the time. The total value of its asset stands at 41.7 billion yuan with an annual turnover of 39.2 billion yuan. Its businesses cover catering, hotels, transportation, travel agency, retailing, scenic spots and other relevant areas. Tens of thousands of member companies spread all over the world with 50,000 employees ready to provide travelers and consumers with one-stop service in an around way so as to create more values for the clients. The soft power of the group is also constantly improving. The group initiates the strategic thinking of “carrying forward Chinese Hospitality and becoming internationalized while fostering national brand”. Many companies with rich financial and cultural resources belong to the group, such as Beijing Hotel - China’s first hotel with 100 years of history, Quanjude - the No.1 roast duck restaurant, Shou Qi - the No.1 vehicle service provider for the state leaders. The group also creates many national famous brands such as “Yan Sha”, “Jianguo”, “Home Inn”, to start innovative operation management based on the internet to bring more clients with products up to international standard, brands with local features and services featuring excellent quality with reasonable price. The aim is to make them enjoy in satisfaction and surprise.

BTG is a corporate citizen who loves to cooperate and sacrifice. After integration of many quality resources, the group has established many public companies to be listed on the capital market at home and aboard. It insists on paying dividend in cash if the condition is permissible, so as to let the participants share the achievement of the group’s development. During years of integration, the group has grown into a mega travel company featuring rich cultural resources, reasonable industrial layout, optimized corporate structure, standard capital operation and strong comprehensive strength. For many years, the group has taken the lead in China’s travel companies and large company groups. With tens of billions of RMB’s turnover, its contribution rate to the total revenue of Beijing and China tourism has gone up gradually year by year. It has successfully accomplished major tasks entrusted by the Party and the State such as serving the Olympics, and it has also donated money and goods worth tens of millions of yuan to disadvantaged groups.

BTG is a people-oriented modern company with high aims and open to the world. By taking carrying forward “Chinese Hospitality” as its responsibility, the group exerts itself in developing the Mental Capital of its staff. It enhances the occupational qualities of its people by new management mode of “controlling + supporting”. It also encourages its staff to be observant and conscientious in their works, and create productivity by being an ambitious person with strong implementation capabilities who can make achievements at work. BTG makes high-end travel service sample projects, products and brands customized to guests from home and abroad. With the determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty, we will join hands in hands with our friends, old and new, to cooperate for win-win results and to look forward the coming of a new age of service economy. BTG will be a reliable friend by your!