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BTG’s catering sector gathersmany well-known brands with featured courses and distinctive market position.

It mainly covers the following:

“Quanjude”, featuring Quanjude roast duck with Beijing flavor and targeting at refined tourism catering market;

“Fangshan Restaurant”, featuring royal dishes led by Manchu-Han Banquet and targeting at high-end business catering market;

“Sichuan Restaurant”, featuring Feudal Official Dishes with Sichuan flavor and targeting at refined Southern cuisine;

“Fengze Yuan”, featuring Sea Cucumber King with Shandong flavor and targeting at refined Northern cuisine;

“Donglaishun”, featuring refined hot pot and targeting at traditional Halal cuisine;

High-end hotel catering, featuring high-end refined cuisine and targeting at conference and business market;

Western restaurants, featuring international cuisine and targeting at guests from home and abroad.

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