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Scenic areas and other

Covering many famous tourist attractions and recreational places, the recreation sector is a significant link of BTG industrial chain.


Beijing Exhibition Center, providing exhibition, performance, accommodation and catering with profound history;

South Mountain of Sanya, famous for tropical natural scenery and Buddhist culture;

Ecotourism Area of Sand Lake of Ningxia, known as the pearl of Ningxia with rare ecotourism resources;

Zushan Mountain of Qinhuangdao, remarkable for its picturesque scenery, often compared with Huangshan Mountain;

Beijing Wildlife Park, replacing the old way to watch the rare wild animals by removing the cages and watching the animals through the scheduled vehicles;

Liyuan Theatre, with exclusive operation and rich regional cultural resources, serving the audiences with a new cultural banquet;

Changchun Movie Wonderland, providing thrilling, exciting and magic scenes for the visitors with world-advanced special effect approaches;

Beijing Grand Canal Golf Club, with the 18-hole golf course that meets the international standards combines both natural scenery and the elegant sport.

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