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Social Responsibility

BTG actively assumes its social responsibilities by providing reception and other services for major conferences and events. In the past several years, BTG served many local and international events and witnessed the historically significant moments, such as the two Conferences (i.e. the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference), the Beijing Olympic Games, Asia Fortune Forum, China-Africa Cooperation Forum, the 50th Anniversary of founding of PRC, the 60th Anniversary of founding of PRC, the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit, 60th Anniversary of founding of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the Beijing International Film Festival, the 14th World Sport for All Congress and events of the Year of Russian Tourism in China.

All subsidiary enterprises of BTG hold the philosophy of “Chinese Hospitality” which combines the quality of “international standard, domestic feature and value for money”. They are highly appraised by the entire community and guests from home and abroad for their thorough and meticulous services. The Group also develops humanitarian spirits by donating money and goods to disaster-hit areas. In 2008, BTG donated 4 million Yuan to those living in the southern and north western China hit by snow storm; in the same year, the Group donated 3,791,000 Yuan to Wenchuan hit by earthquake; in 2010, the employees of BTG donated 2.3 million Yuan to Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province hit by earthquake; in 2012,BTG donated 200,000 Yuan to the storm stricken region through Red Cross after the 7•21 disaster.

Shouldering the social responsibilities, BTG sticks to sustainable development and makes a contribution to socialist harmonious society through concrete activities.